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White Leghorn.

Turn feed dollars into white eggs! Add White Leghorns to your backyard chicken breeds!

Production: White Leghorn pullets are the industry standard white egg layers that produce all of the eggs for the grocery stores worldwide because they most cost effectively convert feed into eggs.  They are also the best white egg laying chicken breed for the backyard flock as well. Leghorns lay very large white eggs. Production Leghorns are great white egg layers that are highly efficient at converting feed into eggs for the table. Leghorns will start laying eggs at about 20 weeks old which is very early.  Pullets will lay about 300 white eggs per year. Leghorns have yellow skin. Leghorn cockerels can be used as fryers for the dinner table.

Temperament: White Leghorns are very active and flighty birds. They are not the most tame and friendly. When you walk into the coop they can be more difficult to catch because they are quick and agile. White Leghorns are non-setters that do not set on their eggs

We are sold out of our supply of white leghorns for the 2016  season.

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