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Rootes Farms

We have a super breeding trio of Bourbon Red turkeys. 

They are a year and a half old and actively breeding and producing eggs with excellent fertility.

Hatching eggs are available for $4/each.  Please contact me as many of these eggs go into my own incubator on a regular basis.  I will save eggs for you and they will be the most recent, fresh, unwashed eggs from this trio. 

You can see the parents when you pick up your hatching eggs.  The eggs are kept at room temperature, point side down, and turned regularly until you pick them up..

Bourbon Red Turkeys

Poults will be from my own incubator.  I will keep them in the brooder for one week after hatch and then they can be picked up.

Please call to see what poults are available and when.

Thank you!

Poults from this trio will be available all Summer long.