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Rootes Farms

Rollout / Rollaway Nest Boxes

Sizes and Prices

2-hole:  $165     For up to 26 hens
4-hole:  $235    
For up to 48 hens
5-hole:  $265    
For up to 60 hens

  • Proudly Made In the USA!!
  • Slanted top to discourage top roosting
  • All metal construction:
    • Gives maximum durability
    • Good sanitation and easy to clean
    • Lighter weight for ease of handling
  • Open front and back for good ventilation without the need for extra holes
  • Fold down roost bars
    • Red color to attract birds
    • Durable and comfortable on the bird's feet
    • Prevents access to the rollaway pan
  • Rollout feature
    • Keeps eggs cleaner for less time spent washing
    • Discourages egg breakage and eating
    • Metal cover, no plastic parts to break
  • Bottom pans are rubber coated
    • Easier on the bird's feet
    • Better sanitation
    • No plastic pans to crack and break
  • Easily mounts on metal wall brackets
  • No additional liners or disposable parts required
    • Cleaner with less maintenance
    • No additional on-going expensesType