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We are sold out of Easter Eggers for this season

Easter Eggers are not a recognized breed. They are mixed breed chickens that do possess the blue egg gene but don't fully meet the breed specifications of either Araucanas or Ameraucanas. They can come in any color or combination of colors and share these traits:

-Any kind of comb,

-Muffs/beard/ear tufts or none,

-Any color earlobes,

-Tail or tail-less,

-Any color legs,

-Any color foot bottoms
-Can lay blue but also sometimes lay green, tan, pink or even yellow

So if you want to be guaranteed blue egg layers, you will want to raise some Araucanas or Ameraucanas; otherwise Easter Eggers are always fun because you never know what color egg each will lay until she starts laying, and even identical-looking hens often lay varying shades of bluish or greenish eggs

Easter Egger.