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The Cal White is a crossed-breed.  Tthis means is that this chicken has a parent that's a White Leghorn (hen) and the other is a California Grey (rooster).  

Its feathers are white (with a few black marks/flecks), the bird sports a large single comb, and hens generally weigh in around 5 pounds or slightly less. 

In spite of their size, they are quite winter hardy and do very well in our Ohio winters.

California Whites are a great choice for the urban or backyard chicken keeper.  They tolerate confined spaces well (great for smaller urban coops), are more docile than Leghorns, generally begin laying around 17 weeks of age, and are machines when it comes to volume of eggs.

The Cal Whites, being a cross-breed, are calm, quiet and not flighty like the leghorn parents.  They are a heavier breed, good with other birds and with children.

Sold out for the 2016 Season

California White