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Rootes Farms

On Site Bio-Security Measures

We take biosecurity and the health of our critters very seriously.  When you enter the property, shoe/boot sanitation and hand sanitation is required.  We use an Oxine solution  shoe/boot bath and individual Purell hand sanitizer wipes.  The oxine solution is prepared twice daily for freshness.  Oxine will protect the animals from incoming contamination without effecting your footwear.  It decomposes into table salt (NaCl)

No one is permitted to enter the farm without passing through the on site biosecurity measures.  Only farm vehicles are permitted on the property beyond the designated parking area.

For the poultry and the bees, no outside equipment is permitted.  This includes clothing, poultry crates/cages, poultry or bee products or equipment including hive tools, veils, gloves or bee jackets and suits.  These can all carry contaminates not beneficial to the farm or its inhabitants.  Please be respectful and mindful of cleanliness as you enter and exit the farm.

You will find signs reminding you of our biosecurity measures.  These measures are for everyone's benefit.