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Amber Links.

If you are looking for a solid egg layer, Amberlinks would be a good choice.   Amberlinks are high production hybrid birds designed and bred for dependable egg laying. They are in the same family of birds as the ISA Browns and Red Production hens but are harder to find. Amberlinks are stocky and well-balanced birds. 
Amberlink Chickens are a bit hardier and larger than ISA Brown Chickens, making them great for Northern locations.
Amberlinks are the epitome of a production bird. These hens lay prodigious amounts of beautiful brown eggs.
They tend to be less aggressive than many of the other high production hybrids. They do well in confined situations and are generally mellow in temperament. Amberlinks are also good foragers so they would be a great choice of a high production hen for a pastured environment.
Amberlinks or Amber Sex Link Chickens are crossbreeds. They are the result of mixing two pure breeds, Rhode Island Reds and White Plymouth Rocks. Amberlinks are still quite unusual to find, but are gaining in popularity as people start to realize how useful these birds are, especially as dependable layers in a pasture operation..

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